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All of Granny's soap is guaranteed 100%. If you don't like our soap for any reason you can return it for a 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked.



Here ar granny's lye soap we have a flat rate 8.99 delivery charge no matter how much soap you buy.
All orders are shipped within two business days.



How can you afford to sell hadmade soap for under $1.00 per bar ? Here at Grannys we purchase all of our raw materials in bulk and pass the savings along to our customers.

Granny's Lye Soap


Thank you grannys for providing us with such wonderful soap at such a great price. Every Christmas our family knows what to expect from us and they always appreciate your soap as truly
unique , special presents.


Man I love this soap. Keep it up!


Please don't ever change your recipe. It took me so long to find you and this soap is a staple in our house.